Friday, 31 August 2012

Skin type: combination

Good morning sunshine ☀ I have a long day ahead of me ! Oh I just watched rise of the planet of the apes it was so good, bit confusing but I get it 🐵 moving on ... So today I'm covering combination skin, so let's get down too it
Cause's ?: there can be a number of reasons why combination comes about some times it's just something that happens but it's just a combination of other skin types. Confusing I know, combination skin can be annoying but it's normally problem areas on your face that will need different attention !
Characteristics: dry patches, oily T zone dry patches around the cheeks and neck.
Colour: high and low pigmentation, dull.
Texture: now this is where you need to look at other skin types and narrow it down obviously ruff dry flaky, slick and tacky.
Cleansers: cleansing lotions are for you. Texture of cream, massage it around your skin focusing on your problem areas
Soapless cleansers: as you know gel based.
Exfoliants: peeling creams, mask like product, clay ingredients, turns into a soft exfoliant when washed off.
Toners: a simple toner for you, between a astringent and fresher look for a toner with witch hazel, orange blossom and chamomile.
Moisturiser: lotion, this is a light product so will work gently reducing breakout, can be either water or oil based, 85-90 water 10-15 oil
And that's it really for combination
Tips, blotting sheets for your t zone and pore strips, masks and a light moisturiser.
Have a awesome day 😉

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Skin type: oily

Good morning, iv decided to start my day with 250 ml of water. I don't like water but it hydrates the skin, it's also one of the substances that the kidneys can filter alot easier so yay.
Okay let's see oily
Your causes of oily skin are hormonal and ethnic origin. But the plus side ladies you show the signs of ageing alot slower.
Texture: you may exspiriance tacky to the touch, coarse patches where dead skin adheres to sebum.
Colour: pale and sallow aperance, but even pigmentation !
Your characteristics: shiny relaxed, enlarged pores, comodones and flaky patches due to poor desquamation. Tip using a pore strip every three days will help remove dirt but using a facial wash with an astringent will help close the pores afterwords.
Next down to the dirty work.
Cleansers: cleansing milk, light and runny try using this on a cotton pad.
Soap less cleansers, often a gel based product, water soluble easy to wash and go.
Eye make up remover go on how heavy your make up is for this part.
Exfoliants: I recomend a basic exfoliant, and a peeling cream or mask, these benefit you besides drawing out any impurities with clay a natural substance, this can also be used as an exfoliant as when time comes for you to remove the mask it turns around with a gritty texture.
Toner: just a toner for your skin will do fine, look for astringent qualities.
Mostirisers: now I hear alot that oily skin types choose not to use mostirisers for reasons as too much oil on their face, but here are a few recommendations.
Milks, like and runny and have a high water content and a low oil content.
Now that's the only sort of mostirisers I'd say benefit the oily skin types.
Tip, blotting papers.
I hope this helps 😃

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bramble juice.

Yesterday me and Liam went bramble picking, it was a little early but we still got a big harvest. So we decided we would make bramble juice, it's so easy and simple, but be warned there is a high sugar count in ours.
So first wash your brambles in cold then warm water.
Next empty into a jug.
Add water.
Then sweeten to your taste.
You want to place it in the fridge and stir every so often. Next leave over night, next day stir again and sweeten more if necessary, and leave again over night then you are ready to drink away ❤

Skin type: dry

Dry skin: their is always reasons behind why you might have dry skin but here's the main reasons
You may have an insufficient oil secretion. How old you are, after 25 years old your skin is classed as mature, and with this comes a decrease in sebum, dryness can be caused by excess exposure to ultra violet rays (sunscreen is your best friend) a hormonal imbalance, skin care neglect, sometimes we are just too tired or lazy. Smoking, air conditioning, your diet and illness.
Right let's get down to it
Texture: fine, coarse, visible dry patches.
Colour: dull and prone to dilated capillaries. Uneven pigmentation.
Characteristic: very Matt skin, flakey patches, very vascular, small tight pores no prominent pores, and warm to the touch.
Cleansers for your skin type:
Cleansing water, this is a liquid cleanser, cleansing lotion this has a texture of cream, cleansing cream this is thicker.
Eye makeup remover, milk, lotion or cream are fine for you.
Exfoliants, I believe because we dry skin types suffer with tighter pores and pigmentation a good exfoliant to use is facial scrubs and pore grains, work it gently into the skin, avoiding delicate areas (eyes and mouth) look for the ingredients of oatmeal, salt, nut kernels silicon or synthetic grains.
With dry skin you want a toner that's under freshened and braver these usually have no alcohol, and are very light and gentle.
Creams, this is a thick product, it may need to be liquefied by warming the product on the fingers, it should have a higher oil content 15 - 30%
And night creams, these are very rich and applied nightly will keep your face highly moisturised till morning, texture of clotted cream, look for moisturisers. with castor oil, almond oil, carnuba wax, collagen and water. But I recommend jojoba as this mimics the sebum produced by the skin.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

skin type

Your skin care regime ? Understanding your skin

After studying at college for the last two year's in holistic and complementary therapies you learn alot not just how to massage but everything so I thought I would do a: understanding you skin blog post I'll be doing a daily skin type starting first off with balanced: so here it goes
Skin type
Balanced skin: this skin type's texture will be neither one or the other eg fine or coarse, it's colour will be even and give a healthy glow, characteristics for this skin type an even distribution of secretions (sebum) it will neither be dry or oily. No blemishes, good skin elasticity and firm to the touch, cause of this skin type I'd balanced secretions and a healthy skin metabolism.
Products good for this skin type:
Cleansing water: this is a liquid cleanser, it's to be applied to the skin using a cotton pad, this is suited for all skin types
Cleansing lotion: this is normally a textured creme, you apply this to the skin and gently massage in upward motions to dislodge grime and debris this is suited for all skin types and normal.
Eye make up remover:
Milk, lotion, creme, theses are forms of eye make up removers what you use on your skin to cleanse it should be the same basis as what you will use on your eyes eg lotion for face, lotion for eyes.
Peeling creme exfoliant: this works as not only an exfoliant but as a mask, it should have clay based ingredients to draw out any impurities on the skin, this product should be applied in a thin layer avoiding the sensitive areas on the face, and gently washed off with your finger tips, this product will have small grains that act as the exfoliant
Toner & tonic: toners are normally made out of ingredients that are astringents and freshener. Aim for a toner containing citric acid, lactic acid witch Hazel, orange blossom and soothing agents such as chamomile. This is suited for normal skin
Moisturisers: moisturisers come in different forms but don't only depend on your skin type but also age range wither young under 25 skin or mature over 25 skin. To be glassed as young skin you have to be under 25 to be mature you have to be over 25. The sane principles apply as they did with cleansers, and eye make up removers but
Milk: it's a runny and light low oil content and is normally the texture of single creme this is suited for very young skin and oily
Lotions: this has the texture of pouring creme, light and easy to apply to the skin it's either oil based or water based. This is suited for young, problem or blemished skin and combination.
Cremes: this is a thicker consistence. Will need to be warmed in the fingers it will have a higher oil content. This is suited for dry and mature skin.
Night cremes: this product is very rich, and deeply nourishing the texture of clotted creme. This is suited for dry and mature skin.
Remember the neck, a rich creme should do the trick, look for a rich textured creme with firming agents.
And that's it for normal.
this was taken from my other blog.