Friday, 31 August 2012

Skin type: combination

Good morning sunshine ☀ I have a long day ahead of me ! Oh I just watched rise of the planet of the apes it was so good, bit confusing but I get it 🐵 moving on ... So today I'm covering combination skin, so let's get down too it
Cause's ?: there can be a number of reasons why combination comes about some times it's just something that happens but it's just a combination of other skin types. Confusing I know, combination skin can be annoying but it's normally problem areas on your face that will need different attention !
Characteristics: dry patches, oily T zone dry patches around the cheeks and neck.
Colour: high and low pigmentation, dull.
Texture: now this is where you need to look at other skin types and narrow it down obviously ruff dry flaky, slick and tacky.
Cleansers: cleansing lotions are for you. Texture of cream, massage it around your skin focusing on your problem areas
Soapless cleansers: as you know gel based.
Exfoliants: peeling creams, mask like product, clay ingredients, turns into a soft exfoliant when washed off.
Toners: a simple toner for you, between a astringent and fresher look for a toner with witch hazel, orange blossom and chamomile.
Moisturiser: lotion, this is a light product so will work gently reducing breakout, can be either water or oil based, 85-90 water 10-15 oil
And that's it really for combination
Tips, blotting sheets for your t zone and pore strips, masks and a light moisturiser.
Have a awesome day 😉

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