Thursday, 30 August 2012

Skin type: oily

Good morning, iv decided to start my day with 250 ml of water. I don't like water but it hydrates the skin, it's also one of the substances that the kidneys can filter alot easier so yay.
Okay let's see oily
Your causes of oily skin are hormonal and ethnic origin. But the plus side ladies you show the signs of ageing alot slower.
Texture: you may exspiriance tacky to the touch, coarse patches where dead skin adheres to sebum.
Colour: pale and sallow aperance, but even pigmentation !
Your characteristics: shiny relaxed, enlarged pores, comodones and flaky patches due to poor desquamation. Tip using a pore strip every three days will help remove dirt but using a facial wash with an astringent will help close the pores afterwords.
Next down to the dirty work.
Cleansers: cleansing milk, light and runny try using this on a cotton pad.
Soap less cleansers, often a gel based product, water soluble easy to wash and go.
Eye make up remover go on how heavy your make up is for this part.
Exfoliants: I recomend a basic exfoliant, and a peeling cream or mask, these benefit you besides drawing out any impurities with clay a natural substance, this can also be used as an exfoliant as when time comes for you to remove the mask it turns around with a gritty texture.
Toner: just a toner for your skin will do fine, look for astringent qualities.
Mostirisers: now I hear alot that oily skin types choose not to use mostirisers for reasons as too much oil on their face, but here are a few recommendations.
Milks, like and runny and have a high water content and a low oil content.
Now that's the only sort of mostirisers I'd say benefit the oily skin types.
Tip, blotting papers.
I hope this helps 😃

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