Monday, 29 October 2012

Lush: Putty for my hands review

"There's nothing silly about this putty,
We all know how important it is to wash our hands frequently to keep dirt and germs at bay, but if your skin is sensitive then all this washing can cause your hands to become sore and dry. Putty for Your Hands is a brand new invention that uses soothing ingredients like oats, vegetable glycerine, marshmallow mucilage and shea butter to soothe and moisturise the skin as it cleanses"
Putty for your hands is an amazing soap invented yet again by Lush for people with sensitive and dry skin, thus great invention comes naked with no packaging, natural, with a no soap base and no foaming agent which can irritate sensitive skin this soap won't lather like your used to but will leave you with the "I need more" feeling ! what I love about putty for your hands is how quick and effective it works straight into the water I notice my hands have a thin layer of oil to hydrate them straight away after washing, rinsing and patting my hands dry I notice the oil has gone but left behind is noticeably softer and smoother hands, soft to the touch putty has worked it's magic and earned a place in my heart. It's so great for sensitive skin with ingredients such as Shea butter which is a naturally occurring fat derived from the nut of the Katite Karite tree, oats, oat milk, marshmallow mucilage which lubricates and smooths, glycenite which is moisturising and essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and tea tree. Though its great for dry sensitive hands and skin I find it works wonders on my dry to dry hands. My hands have always been dry and this has left a noticeable softness to my hands and I'm very very happy with the product and defiantly will be re buying some more, we'll done lush for another great product !
Hope this is a simple review for you all beauts <3

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Who is back waving her magic wand ?

Snow fairy is back again this year making another debut for another year. Snow fairy smells of candy floss, pear drops and all things sweet, it's been a big favourite of mine for some time. Snow fairy is a limited edition once a year treat from the creators at lush, with a bit of sparkle snow fairy is an all time favourite reaching best seller at the end of every year. Snow fairy though one of lush's most synthetic products sells in the bulk with most people stocking up to last them the new year, snow fairy for me is the ultimate sweet treat, with sparkle and an amazing sent I understand why this is an all time favourite. If you miss out on snow fairy and her magic there is items in store that smell just like snow fairy that will keep you tided over till October again, creamy candy bubble bar, rock star soap and the god mother soap are some of the items in lush that smell like snow fairy. Snow fairy didn't come alone this year though, with snow fairy came the magic wand which is a reusable bubble bar with a small bell, Matching the sent of snow fairy you could make a small treat for anyone, what I love about snow fairy is its unique sweet smell and how it makes me crave for indulgent treats to rot my teeth. Snow fairy leaves my skin soft and smooth with a little sprinkle of magic, it's truly a magical shower gel

Photos through out my week's

So I though I'd pop up some pictures from my past thew weeks :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Breakfast at frankies ?

Good morning all it's a cold and frosty day here in carlisle today. So today is a friend of mines birthday and we have all planned to go out for breakfast at half 9 at little frankies, little frankies is an American style diner here in carlisle with an authentic American theme with large booths and large over sized ornaments. It's an amazing little place, as I recall I have only ever been there once but it was lovely ! Ill take a thew pictures and blog about it later !
See you all soon beauts <3

Friday, 26 October 2012

Hello again

Hello everyone I'm sorry for disappearing Iv been working ! Amazing I know. And recently been ill, for the first time in about a year iv been none related to my period ill. Lets just say its not nice, so on the 3rd of November or the 5th I will be taking part in the zombie walk in carlisle to raise money for Jodie's cause, it's going to be great ! Ill get lots of pictures up im sure and ill do a review at some point today about rehab by Lush :)
Bye for now beauts <3

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Working girl !

Hello beauts I'm really sorry ! I have been a away an awful long time. I had work, Christmas training in Glasgow. It just never ends, but I'm loving every minute of it. So I just thought I'd give you an update and then I'll do some posts later or earlier !
I'm currently watching vampire diaries ! So I'm addicted ! Love beauts !

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Reading haul (thank you mother!)

Hello beauts ! how are you all ?
So my mother went away to reading this was a big thing for us all as my mother has a lot of issues. Anyway I diverse, so yessus while my mother was away my nana and her brought me and my little sister some gift's
A Hand crafted in Bali sugar skull wooden mask. This is amazing its so beautiful and it will just go great in my room. Anyway I'm a skull's sort of girl so my mother went down and said anything with skills. And bam.
Next we have
Pure B•B cream daily all in one, now I haven't tried this yet as iv not got round to it, though swatches showed it was too dark, but will need worked into my skin so no worry there, this B•B cream had vitamin E, collage, Allantoin, Avocado oil and aloe Vera gel. This cream targets a variety of things. Eye contour treatment, anti dark shadows and camouflage treatment, evens skin tone, blur's imperfections, smooths fine lines, flash radiance treatment and hides redness.
Wow, this little small brand comes with everything.
Next I got a variety of tea (4) from the English garden. Lemon tea, peppermint, green tea, and camomile.
The peppermint one is amazing !
I also got a skull biker necklace.
Top, I love this top it's a sheer fronted see through top, with a black back, brought up on the sides. It's comfy, smooth and just beautiful.
Leggings, what can I say ? It has all the things in life I love ? Black and skulls, kidding ! Anyway these leggings are smooth, soft and comfy.
I'm not sure where they got all these little bits but I love them.
Hope your all doing fine <3

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Small week in photos

So iv been busy all week, shoot me I have a life. Anyway I started working. It was great, then Friday I had an 8 hour shift. It killed me, I had to stock all the Christmas stock in Lush, now it wasn't all doom and early Christmas gloom, I had help from the other Christmas temps. It was great. Snow White ballistic bath bomb, snow fairy. Ah it was amazing just to actually be in the shop and see how it all came together :) hope you had a fantastic week beauts <3
Sorry about the face spam there :')

Thursday, 4 October 2012

September favourites !

Hello spooky beauts, iv neglected you a lot recently I'm sorry, so lets dive right on in. Here we go
Favourite September fragrance.
The body shop vanilla body mist, this sent is just pure vanilla it's very light, last all day and just sits and leaves a subtle hint of vanilla through out the day I'm always getting "someone smells sweet" "that's amazing"
Skin care.
Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit oil free moisturiser & visibly clear pink grapefruit cream wash. Both these products leave my face tingly and soft, It's a very get up and go sent very stimulating. Leaves your skin soft.
Eau Roma water toner water, love this bottle of magic liquid it refreshes my face, leaves it hydrated and lasts an awful long time. Lavender to balance the skin.
Make up.
Mally evercolor automatic waterproof eyeliner, I love this eye liner it is truly long lasting and water proof, I do re apply as I like the heavy eye look.
Avon super extend extreme mascara, this baby is extreme in every way, separating lashes and giving that almost fake look, applying less leaves you with a natural look but applying more leaves you with the wow factor.
Rimmel London stay matte pressed powder, I love this powder, it's soft leaves a matte finish, delicate and light I do have to re apply but it minimises my pores.
Cosmopolitan beauty expert eyebrow styling kit, this kit comes with 3 stencils, highlighter pencil, angled brush and the most amazing eyebrow pluckers in the world, along side the applicators comes a very holding white gel, a light matte colour and a dark brown this little pallet is amazing and works wonders for me the tweezers are just great.
Lush jackie Oates colour supplement, I have a love hate relationship with this product, some times it does me justice some times not, though this product is the lightest from their colour supplement range it's still too dark for me, though it never looks like that on my skin.
So finally that was septembers favourites !
I'm already preparing for October with some amazing lush skin care products
Bye spooky beauts <3

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hey beauts just a little update iv not had a good night so Iv not got round to doing what's in my handbag or September favourites. Im starting work tomorrow so ill either try get a post up tonight or tomorrow.

Monday, 1 October 2012

What's in my make up bag ?

Hello beauts :) I thought I'd show you all the contents of my make up bag.
So here we go,
I have an urban decay pallet, with the colours snatch, mildew, flash, painkiller, smog and toasted that's starting from left to right.
Two Fashionista eye shadows in envy shade 16 that's the green one, and deep ocean shade 11 the blue one.
The cosmopolitan beauty expert eyebrow styling kit.
Rimmel London stay matte pressed powder.
MUA eye dust in shade 1
MUA eye shadow in shade 15- pearl
MUA lip gloss in shade 4
Bare minerals lip gloss in heart cake
Bare minerals lip gloss in apple butter
Mally liquid lip colour in mallys baby
Maybelline New York colour sensations in 547 pleasure me red
Revelon colour burst lip butter in 095 sugar frosting
BarryM limited edition lip gloss
Lush Jackie oats colour supplement
No7 natural blush in 10 soft damson
Mally volumizing mascara
Avon super extend EXTREME mascara
Mally eye shadow pen in purple rain
Liz collinge powder brush
And that beauts is my make up bag items.

Natural post: flavoured water.

So my biggest issue I have is I don't drink water, I can not stand the stuff. Icky :( it's just so plain so I did some research and decided to add some frozen fruit (tesco's summer fruits frozen back) brambles, raspberries, blueberries and red currents. So besides just adding these to water and allowing to thaw a tiny bit releasing bursts of flavours you can add these fruits to a ice cube tray and then freezing. You can add these little ice cubes to your water and allowing to melt. Yummy.