Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Reading haul (thank you mother!)

Hello beauts ! how are you all ?
So my mother went away to reading this was a big thing for us all as my mother has a lot of issues. Anyway I diverse, so yessus while my mother was away my nana and her brought me and my little sister some gift's
A Hand crafted in Bali sugar skull wooden mask. This is amazing its so beautiful and it will just go great in my room. Anyway I'm a skull's sort of girl so my mother went down and said anything with skills. And bam.
Next we have
Pure B•B cream daily all in one, now I haven't tried this yet as iv not got round to it, though swatches showed it was too dark, but will need worked into my skin so no worry there, this B•B cream had vitamin E, collage, Allantoin, Avocado oil and aloe Vera gel. This cream targets a variety of things. Eye contour treatment, anti dark shadows and camouflage treatment, evens skin tone, blur's imperfections, smooths fine lines, flash radiance treatment and hides redness.
Wow, this little small brand comes with everything.
Next I got a variety of tea (4) from the English garden. Lemon tea, peppermint, green tea, and camomile.
The peppermint one is amazing !
I also got a skull biker necklace.
Top, I love this top it's a sheer fronted see through top, with a black back, brought up on the sides. It's comfy, smooth and just beautiful.
Leggings, what can I say ? It has all the things in life I love ? Black and skulls, kidding ! Anyway these leggings are smooth, soft and comfy.
I'm not sure where they got all these little bits but I love them.
Hope your all doing fine <3

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