Sunday, 28 October 2012

Who is back waving her magic wand ?

Snow fairy is back again this year making another debut for another year. Snow fairy smells of candy floss, pear drops and all things sweet, it's been a big favourite of mine for some time. Snow fairy is a limited edition once a year treat from the creators at lush, with a bit of sparkle snow fairy is an all time favourite reaching best seller at the end of every year. Snow fairy though one of lush's most synthetic products sells in the bulk with most people stocking up to last them the new year, snow fairy for me is the ultimate sweet treat, with sparkle and an amazing sent I understand why this is an all time favourite. If you miss out on snow fairy and her magic there is items in store that smell just like snow fairy that will keep you tided over till October again, creamy candy bubble bar, rock star soap and the god mother soap are some of the items in lush that smell like snow fairy. Snow fairy didn't come alone this year though, with snow fairy came the magic wand which is a reusable bubble bar with a small bell, Matching the sent of snow fairy you could make a small treat for anyone, what I love about snow fairy is its unique sweet smell and how it makes me crave for indulgent treats to rot my teeth. Snow fairy leaves my skin soft and smooth with a little sprinkle of magic, it's truly a magical shower gel

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