Sunday, 30 September 2012

Guess what ?

So sorry guys i have been a bit buzy on Saturday night I was -cough- drinking.
Moving swiftly on I though I would bring you some good news from me anyway ! I got the job at lush ! I'm so so so so Happy ! With this position I may be able to make it permanent with dedication ! :D so ill be doing a lot more reviews and discussing lush products :D I do hope that's okay ! As it has to be the best shop in the world hehe ! Anyway I thought I'd do this little up date and do some posts tomorrow :) buy guys

Saturday, 29 September 2012

September empties

Now in the picture you can see one is full, well that one is gone in the bin ^.^'
Right so we have
Philosophy Amazing grace, this is one amazing smelling bath and shower gel. I got this for Christmas last year and its lasted me a while, I love the philosophy on each bottle.
Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control daily scrub, this scrub is amazing ! Since the first time I started using this product I had results straight away, but the longer I used it the less the results showed it is amazing but I think switching it up will stop your skin building up a barrier to the product.
Pretty smooth nose pore strips, got to love these strips not only do they remove the blackheads and unclog pores but my skin felt amazing after. I cut one of these strips up and popped one on my forehead and chin, it saved me money! Will be Doing a DIY nose pore strip tutorial at some point.
Rimmel London stay matte pressed powder 001 transparent , iv being using this powder for about 2 to 3 years and its always amazing though I do have to re apply like with most powders but it always leaves a matte finish.
Rimmel London hide my blemish ivory 001, don't shun me but iv had this product for about 5 years. Yes this one ! I know that's bad but it's lasted me that long and still gives an amazing coverage though I may not be repurchasing this product it does an amazing job !
Mally evercolor automatic waterproof eyeliner in onyx, got this little baby for Christmas last year and boy is it amazing, an amazing glide on texture it last all day though I touchΓ© up.
And that's my empties for this month !
Some amazing brands that aren't known !

Friday, 28 September 2012

Burt's bees rejuvenating lip balm with acai berry.

Ah, finally I have had some money to buy something i have been hearing about constantly ! I picked this little delicious 100% natural lip balm up on sale yesterday for £2.33 in deb's,
And let me tell you something it was a complete waste of money,
The one thing I loved about this lip product was the taste and smell. It's truly a lovely delicious sent. But that's it. It left my dry lips dry. Nothing happened they felt nourished and hydrated when the product was still damp on my lips, but after say 20 to 30 minutes and the product dried out, my lips where still chapped and dry, now your probably thinking give it a few days. But no. When I buy a lip product the results should show right away. Yes in 2 weeks time my lips might feel amazing but the product just sits on my lips and does nothing. I'm really disappointed. Yes I will try other products from the company but ill be very sceptical. There has been so many amazing reviews but this just did not do it for me. Sorry burt.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Happy news indeed !

So guys I have some great news involving me ! Drum roll please ... So I have a trial with lush tomorrow ! Yay. Sorry I know it's not very important but I know it's only a trial to see how I'll do but I'm so excited ! Iv aimed high with something I love, and with values I believe in ! So fingers crossed ! It's my first try at the jobbing world so :3 I'm aloud to be excited ! But I'm very nervous. So I'll do a good morning post tomorrow then later ill tell you about my day <3

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My facial cleansing routine

Okay so I thought I'd do a post on my facial care routine and the products I use.
Products used-
SBC 3in1 complete cleansing and toning gel with green tea, ginkgo biloba and elderflower.
Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit cream wash.
Lush Eau Roma Water, toner water with lavender water and rose water.
Neutrogena Visibly clear Spot stress control.
Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit oil free moisturiser.
Okay so first things first I apply a generous amount of the SBC to my face and eyes then wipe it away with a damp sponge, this 3in1 products is also a eyemakeup remover. I repeat this step once more wiping away again.
Next I dampen my face and apply the cream wash, washing that away and patting dry with another sponge, next I apply the toner water and wipe that away with a sponge, again i do a second cream wash, washing it away and applying toner again and wiping that away.
Next I use the spot scrub applying that once and washing away, I then pat dry.
Next I once again apply toner this time leaving this product on the skin to dry.
Last but not least I apply my moisturiser to my face and neck and I'm done.
That all I really do to my face to keep it clean, these products are really some thing ill do a review on each.

Ox blood and military style for autumn

I love oxblood for this autumn it's an amazing colour and I know it will be a staple. Iv always rocked military clothing I wear it daily.
Love these pictures.
Asos and google pictures :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Jon interview

So want to know what you should be doing at a job interview ? Here's a few quick tips and answers you need for an ultimate success.
Step one, applying for a company ? Research is vital, doing your homework and researching the company will show dedication.
Step two, dress properly. Now for a women a tailored shirt or fitted shirt would be appropriate in either light colours or blocks. Fitted trousers tailored so they don't drag, and if wearing a skirt aim for the knee. Men a shirt, white or black with a tight jumper and tailored trousers.
Step three, time, don't be late, this will show a lack of interest arriving between 15 to 5 minutes early.
Step four, be prepared, search mostly Likely questions asked during an interview and practice.
Step five, Smile and greet you interviewer by their last name with a firm none sweaty hand shake *Top Tip* spraying your hand with deodorant before your interview will keep it crisp and sweat free.
Step six, when asked about past employers do not talk negatively, explain to them your time there and what you learnt.
Step seven, remember stay focused don't over talk, answer questions directly and clearly.
Step eight, posture, sitting straight, shoulders back, back straight and abdominal muscled clenched slightly to support your back.
Remember we all mess up, make mistakes. It's a hit and miss just keep going keep smiling :)
(picture not mine)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Getting over heart break ?

So today's post I decided to do something that once in a while can happen. We can afflict it or they can. Yes heartbreak, heartbreak that feeling as if something inside you is ripping in half, when your heart stops for a beat, that feeling when the tears just won't stop.
I have decided to do this post because I know so many people who suffer day in and day out in silence crying into their pillow.
So let's get started.
Why does heart break accrue ?
Well heartbreak accrues when a person you have a strong emotional bond with decides they don't want you anymore or that its just not right anymore. We all go thought this "you can love someone and not want to spend time with them" it's a quote I swear by and still do it really did apply a number of times in my relationship now I want to tell you something, my relationship is not all love, sweet moments amazing sex no. For me it's paranoia filled, regret, knowing we are not going any where and lots of other things. For me my down side in my relationship is the passion it went a long time ago you see I am A sexual and struggle with a lot of the "sex" moments I normally (shoot me) lay on my back and take it.
Now I'm sharing this as a number of men and women suffer as well and it's horrible. Now that can be a major moment to heart break.
Dealing with heart break.
Sometimes one person won't want it to end, and the other will. Now it will always be this way, some people come to a civil agreement but on the inside there could be turmoil.
Step one, get out. If its not working it's not working end of so many people will try and try again never realising, If its over it's other don't keep going back for the other person. They will come to see you as a position one they can walk all over.
Step two, talk it out. You see your best friend she's there he's there. They are there they will never leave you they will help you. Do not suffer in silence share your pain your decisions, let them help.
Step three, do not drown your sorrows. We are all human and inflicting damage and alcohol into your body during a state like that will not end well.
Step four, self harm. Iv done this, I was in a dark place. Let's not diverse not at any time should you cut your self, slap, or beat. Your a strong person if you have the urge tell someone confide in them.
Step 5, shopping. Now this is something that will keep your mind occupied you can hang around with friends catch up listen to them, talk to then its a time you have been missing.
Step 6, new hair, new colour. Time for a change want to get ride of a phase in your life you would rather forget get a new hair cut, manicure, pedicure treat your self.
Step 7, cut communication, delete there number, get rid of them on Facebook. Doing these things will help you to get focused instead of pleading messages when they realised a mistake. We need clarity and with that comes sacrifice. Let them heal, let you heal, seeing them facebooking with others, drinking, partying wont help them. Won't help you.
Step 8, time. Now with time comes healing and time does not heal all wounds but it makes them lesser so remember, with each tick of the clock you have a moment, a new moment a chance to change though that would will be there for sometime confiding in others and letting time work it's spell will help.
We all love and loose, some greater some it's just a moment but getting lost along the way to an emotion so powerful so amazing is a chance others may never experience. It's a unique moment that will be cherished could be cherished. If fate wants you back together then maybe a year down the line you might bump into each other. But giving your self time, will always help.
I hope this helped <3 happy Mabon πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Introducing MoMo

Now in January for my 18th birthday I got my first puppy, I had been asking for a very long, long, long time. MoMo first day through to now :3 he says hello 🐢 and MoMo will be joining my blog for puppy posts so you will be seeing him more

Friday, 21 September 2012

Update !

Been a buzy bee today so I have not had the time to do any posts will catch up tomorrow ! If not sunday ! Did you know that my town has a serious heroine problem ? It's awful. So many teenage pregnancys, drug addicts, smokers and they just happen to be under 16 the majority. What happened to society ? A 15 year old boy was pepper sprayed and kicked in the face and put on the floor for smoking and "blocking the way" it's just apauling.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Taking care of your hair

So here we are falling into a new season, with harsh weather about and the change in climate our hair is sure to suffer so here is a few simple tips on taking care of your hair.
Towel vs cotton shirt, for the last about 5 months i have been using an old tshirt to rap around my hair, the reason I started doing this was towels absorb a lot of the hydration and moisture from your hair leaving you with that dry feeling, a t shirt leaves your hair with plenty of moisture and you can feel the benefits right away.
To brush or not to brush ?, when your hair is wet it is more Likely to split and snap so adding a hair protector and running your fingers gently through it will reduce splitting.
Platting and braiding every time I step out of the shower I plat my hair into pig tails the reason is yet again to stop and reduce splitting, do this every night as well to reduce splitting hair.
With our a paddle and comb ? Now if your needing to brush your hair after a shower or in general try using a paddle brush as this helps to reduce stretching the hair and snapping it, it's also a great detangler and covers a wider length of hair, a comb is great as it has very spacious gaps that greatly reduce the amount of brakeage in the hair.
Satin and silk, sleeping with a satin or silk pillow helps prevent hair from tangling too much in your sleep and also helps reduce snapping and breakage.
The 6 month itch ? Now I know many girls and guy have the ends of their hair trimed every 4 weeks, and then they complain as they are trying to grow their hair. News flash it takes an average 4 weeks for your hair to grow 1 or 2 inches so deciding on leaving the hair trimming for about 6 months will show more signs of growth.
I hope this helps on preserving your hair for longer and keeping it healthy and happy remember to cleanse, deep mostirise and hear protect your hair in any weather.
Lots of love delicate things <3

DIY body scrub.

What you will need,
A small container,
Something to mix with,
sugar for a more gentle scrub or salt for a more vigorous scrub.
Next some carrier oil, sweet almost for dry eczema, avocado for sensitive skin, evening primrose for ageing skin and female problems, jojoba ideal for spots and acne, peach kernel for dry, ageing, sensitive skin, grapeseed suitable for nut allergies, macadamia nut is great for healing scars, sunburns, minor wounds and other irritations, Wheatgerm has regenerative properties and is a powerful anti oxidant.
Once you have decided on your oil (you can also use extra virgin olive oil or olive oil) you can add essential oils or just continue with oil and sugar. For essential oils look up the benefits and purposes Before randomly adding them as you could end up with a mess, next add one to two drops of your chosen essential oil, then mix the contents up.
There you go a body scrub DIY with essential oils. :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My autumn wish list.

Im a very dark clothing sort of girl, and i love anything adorned with skulls, I'm very into ox blood and burgundy this year, I normally stay clear from patterns of any sort especially aboriginal sort of patterns they are just not my thing but as of lately I'll make a small exception Products from Newlook and eBay.

Basic face Reading

Here's a post on helping you to understand the congestion or blemishes on your skin and relating them to a organ or system in the body.
Skin congestion/blemishes
Forehead- digestion, stress.
Bridge of nose- liver.
Chin- intestine toxic build up.
Groves of chin- cramped small intestine.
Sides of temples- related to nerves.
By ears- back teeth, sinus, upper gums.
Along mandible (jaw)- lower teeth.
Under jaw kind and bellow ears- lower teeth, glands, throat and stress.
Clear- good health.
Yellowy whites- liver.
Dull, lifeless, enlarged pupils- tired? Run down, poor general health.
Sunken cheeks
Relates to lungs- smoking, trauma, and or grief.
Eye area
Look of smudged mascara under eyes- tired blood.
Puffiness under eyes- poor excretion, kidney stress.
Bridge of nose
Dry patches on bridge of nose- problem with catarrh, sinuses, asthma.
Base of nose and mouth
Pink skin around base of Bose and or sides of mouth- deficiency in vitamin A, D, C, B groups.

SBC Collagen gel review

So some time ago my nana gave me a bag of general stuff she had brought/not liked/didn't need and the first thing to stick out to me was this 1000ml bottle of pink looking goo. Yes goo. SBC a natural facial and body moisturiser for youthful skin and though i have only used one this one is great. The collagen gel comes out as a thick textures blob, don't be put off it smells amazing the product is thick in texture but very almost runny. I have used this product a few times and so has the rest of my family. It does exactly what it says on the bottle "minimises fine lines and puffiness" the product once applied leaves a tacky almost feeling which disappears after a minute or two, SBC is environmentally friendly and does not test on animals. This product retails from £11.00 pounds the smallest pump to my one at 1000 ml which retails at ... £55.00 pounds (I never knew this) the product is worth it hands down, the product can be applied over face and body, under makeup, or at bedtime as a part of a nightly ritual, it can also be used beneath a night cream. It adds an amazing amount of moisture to my skin and is certainly doing the job.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beating the winter blues.

Now I know I'm not the only person who suffers with a constant cold, and it gets worse as the seasons get colder.
Here are my tips on keeingp you uncontested and Healthy this coming autumn and winter.
Foods for beating and helping your immune system:
Cranberries, these little bad boys are great for the respiratory system.
Dates, good for fighting problems with the respiratory system.
Lemons and limes, these are excellent for colds coughs and sore throats.
Mushrooms, these little guys help support your immune system.
Radishes, help to clear sinuses and sore throats.
Lentils, have a great source of minerals, muchly needed.
Mackerel, yet again strengthens the immune system.
Oysters, great for the immune system.
Salmon, immune system again.
Chicken, helps to break up mucus during a cold.
Feathered game (partridge, quail, pheasant and duck) helps support the immune system.
Right sometimes frequent colds can be a sign of a deficiency, so a great vitamin for this is A, Retinol and Beta- carotene and vitamin C. Also frequent colds can be a result of less phytonutrients so taking Bioflavanols and plant sterols.
So that's one half of the post the next half will be up tomorrow with help from essential oils.

Growing your eyebrows out

So this has to be a topic many of us struggle with I know I do, for many years I over plucked my eye brows and I'm only just realising I do not want tiny wispy things as I get older. But here's the thing I can not bear the thought of them looking un kept and nasty so I have some little tips for you I recently learnt.
Leaving your eye brows to grow will result in some hairs growing in odd places now it's okay to pluck one or two of these.
Brushing your eyebrows up gives them more of a fuller look.
Adding a gel, pencil and powder into your eyebrows helps create shape (investing in a brow kit is a great idea, I got mine free with Cosmo and it is amazing the tweezers are the best I have every used)
To cover up the stray hairs as you grow your eyebrows out use a concealer and cover over any hairs growing and set with a finishing powder, now the trick with this also defines your eyebrows so it draws more attention to the eyebrows then anything growing around them.
And this little bundle of information I learnt at a beauty counter 😊
Once your eyebrows are as thick as you like go have them professionally shaped by either threading or waxing.
(iv never had them threaded my little sister has and they looked amazing)
And that's it
πŸπŸƒπŸ‚ so the autumn weather is coming in and it's my favourite season cozy jumpers and thick clothing.
I thought I'd pop a picture in of my snack I had yesterday. Yes it was yummy

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What are your basic skin care routine items ?

So i have been buzy ! For once, I have been creating a CV and cover letter for a job I am applying for, lush has been one of my all time favourite skin and hair shops ever besides it being a completely natural shop, against animal testing and reducing their carbon foot print what is there not to love ? Lush where I live has the most amazing staff on hand and they are so kind and just to be able to get a Christmas job with them would woo my heart...anyway
-cough- yes let's beging
Cleansers ? What are they and what are their purpose ?
A cleanser can come in many forms from cleansing lotions to be taken off with a pad to a face wash to be removed with water, a cleanser is something which removes the first layer of dirt and pollution from your face, they are a mixture of lotions, milks, waters, creams, Soapless cleansers and a one you may not of heard of a completion or cleansing bar. A cleansers purpose is-
Removing dead skin cells
Surface pollution dirt and grime from everyday life
Excess natural secretions this is sebum and perspiration
Stale makeup (guilty).
When using a cleansers they should be easy to use, economical (if you like that way) and have a pleasant feeling on the skin, also when reading the back of your cleanser make sure you understand the words.
Ingredients typically found in cleansers, water, olive oil, stearic acid, glycerol, chloroxylenol this is an antibacterial agent.
Eye makeup removers are quite simple and easy to use what they are is a lotion, water, cream they remove specifically eye makeup, make sure they contain oil as this helps break down and dissolve eye make up and some waterproof mascaras.
Exfoliants an exfoliant is an enhanced deep cleanser with small partials to help remove stubborn dirt, they improve the texture and appearance of your skin, and help to peel off the first layer of skin, the purpose of an exfoliant is like I said to deep cleanse and to remove dirt.
Toners, toners are a liquid form which can be applied directly to the face or a cotton pad, or sprayed onto the face, there purpose is to remove traces of cleansers, restore the PH balance of the skin
And to freshen the skin.
Moisturisers, a mostiriser is a protective barrier against your skin and the outside world it also help mostirise and keep the skin supple, a mostirisers purpose is to protect the skin like I said, to replace, hold and attract moisture to the skin
To even out the skin texture
To provide a smooth base for makeup, it acts as a barrier between the make up and the skin
Some newer mostirisers contain natural moisturising factors (jojoba) which mimic the complex substances of the skin cells and also contain sunscreens
Typical ingredients, liquid paraffin oil, castor oil, almond oil, stearic acid, carnuba wax, triethyl amine, collagen, elastin, water and glycerol.
Fact, the first part on your body to show signs of ageing is your neck so using an extra product to help keep the skin on your neck healthy and supple use a neck cream look for a neck cream with a firming agent.
Specialised products skin care with active ingredients such as essential oils.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This was taken from a book called the fragrant pharmacy and is a must for any aromatherapist <3
Okay take a simple 1 litre bottle of water.
Next add 8 tea spoons of sugar, giving the bottle a shake next add half a tea spoon of salt and give the bottle another shake. Next add 8 drops of lemon essential oil and shake again.
Here you go a very simple yet effective bottle to keep you hydrated I find adding a drop of lime essential oil is also nice =D
I guess you could do this with an actual lemon and lime... But essential oils are the utter most of the fruit <3

Skin type's dehydrated and mature

Finally ... I feel as though iv been missing this little part of my blog so I'll get down to it.
Firstly dehydrated,
TIP: to see if your skin is dehydrated squeeze your skin on your face around the cheek area and look for fine lines, this is a sure sign your dehydrated. Iv got a drink for you once this is over with.
Causes: lack of moisture (water) or the incorrect products or harsh products and alkaline soaps.
Characteristics: very fine lines mainly around the eye and jaw area, your skin absorbs creames rapidly. Your face feels tight.
Colour: your skin will just appear normal
Texture: dry, flaky patches.
Cleansers: cleansing lotion this will help remove debris and dead skin cells.
Exfoliator: a simple exfoliant remember white clay.
Toner: freshener/bracer look for soothing agents.
Mostirisers: creams and night creams, a cream is thicker and will last longer on the skin, and using a night cream will help keep your skin plump and hydrated.
Next we are onto mature, now your skin is classed as mature at 25 so taking extra care and time will not only benefit you now but also in the long run.
Causes: collagen depilation and a reduction in cellular metabolism, the menopause as their is a reduction in oestrogen, the post menapause, loss of elasticity and changes in the skins ability to retain moisture. And collagen less resilient.
Characteristics: around the age of 25 you will see lines, crepey, papery appearance finer skin around the jaw. Also a loss of elasticity in the skin and in the tone of muscles.
Colour: dull and lifeless, lack of colour or excess of colour
Texture: thickened skin.
Cleansers: a cleansing cream will be fine as this is a thicket product and will help keep moisture locked in the skin.
Exfoliant: a simple exfoliant with white clay and a peeling cream with clay ingredients.
Toners: freshener/bracer
Mostirisers: creams and night creams
I do hope this helps and we have made it to the last skin type session.
I think next Im going to explain what cleansers and toners and all that jazz are.
Thank you delicate things <3

I'm sorry !

So iv been away just about 2 days. Iv been out alot lately and I'm so happy you see I suffer with depression and sometimes I just don't want to leave my house so for about 2 weeks now iv been going too town almost everyday and I'm so happy with my self. Okay so today I got to spend the whole day with my niece she's a little angel ... And a devil but it's been so nice, I do miss my Nephew though <\3 so tomorrow I'm trying 2 recipes
Number one is the nutella fudgesicalls and number two is the caramel salted hot chocolate. Nom. Well that's if I'm in tomorrow I don't think I will be so I'll get round to doing them and then I'll post some pics up <3

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I missed a day ! Skin type sensative

Hello again delicate things, I went at for a lovely meal yesterday with the college girls, it was lovely we went to this little Italian restiraunt under the guild hall museum in Carlisle, 3 course meal. Lush. Anyway I diverse.
Sensative skin.
Cause: some reasons for sensative skin here we go, the use of incorrect skin care products, you can inherit sensative skin believe it or not, and you could actually be sensative to product ingredients and an allergic reaction !
Characteristics: you can become flushed easily, burns easily in the sun (sunscreen) rapid change in colour when exposed to temperature change, you age prematurely, your often dry and dehydrated.
Colour: prone to blemishes, you have a ruddy or rosy appearance.
Texture: you may have coarse textured skin, or delicate and fine. 
Cleansers: cleansing water and cleansing lotion
Exfoliants: a simple exfoliant with the ingredient white clay. It has a natural enzyme action and acts as a mask as well. 
Toner: fresher/bracer, light and gentle, no Alchol chamomile ingredients. 
Mostirisers: lotions, such as pure and simple or, anything with no words you can 
not pronounce. 
I hope this helps and gives you information that can be interpreted and understood clearly. 
Have a lovely day.