Thursday, 20 September 2012

DIY body scrub.

What you will need,
A small container,
Something to mix with,
sugar for a more gentle scrub or salt for a more vigorous scrub.
Next some carrier oil, sweet almost for dry eczema, avocado for sensitive skin, evening primrose for ageing skin and female problems, jojoba ideal for spots and acne, peach kernel for dry, ageing, sensitive skin, grapeseed suitable for nut allergies, macadamia nut is great for healing scars, sunburns, minor wounds and other irritations, Wheatgerm has regenerative properties and is a powerful anti oxidant.
Once you have decided on your oil (you can also use extra virgin olive oil or olive oil) you can add essential oils or just continue with oil and sugar. For essential oils look up the benefits and purposes Before randomly adding them as you could end up with a mess, next add one to two drops of your chosen essential oil, then mix the contents up.
There you go a body scrub DIY with essential oils. :)

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