Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beating the winter blues.

Now I know I'm not the only person who suffers with a constant cold, and it gets worse as the seasons get colder.
Here are my tips on keeingp you uncontested and Healthy this coming autumn and winter.
Foods for beating and helping your immune system:
Cranberries, these little bad boys are great for the respiratory system.
Dates, good for fighting problems with the respiratory system.
Lemons and limes, these are excellent for colds coughs and sore throats.
Mushrooms, these little guys help support your immune system.
Radishes, help to clear sinuses and sore throats.
Lentils, have a great source of minerals, muchly needed.
Mackerel, yet again strengthens the immune system.
Oysters, great for the immune system.
Salmon, immune system again.
Chicken, helps to break up mucus during a cold.
Feathered game (partridge, quail, pheasant and duck) helps support the immune system.
Right sometimes frequent colds can be a sign of a deficiency, so a great vitamin for this is A, Retinol and Beta- carotene and vitamin C. Also frequent colds can be a result of less phytonutrients so taking Bioflavanols and plant sterols.
So that's one half of the post the next half will be up tomorrow with help from essential oils.

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