Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Growing your eyebrows out

So this has to be a topic many of us struggle with I know I do, for many years I over plucked my eye brows and I'm only just realising I do not want tiny wispy things as I get older. But here's the thing I can not bear the thought of them looking un kept and nasty so I have some little tips for you I recently learnt.
Leaving your eye brows to grow will result in some hairs growing in odd places now it's okay to pluck one or two of these.
Brushing your eyebrows up gives them more of a fuller look.
Adding a gel, pencil and powder into your eyebrows helps create shape (investing in a brow kit is a great idea, I got mine free with Cosmo and it is amazing the tweezers are the best I have every used)
To cover up the stray hairs as you grow your eyebrows out use a concealer and cover over any hairs growing and set with a finishing powder, now the trick with this also defines your eyebrows so it draws more attention to the eyebrows then anything growing around them.
And this little bundle of information I learnt at a beauty counter 😊
Once your eyebrows are as thick as you like go have them professionally shaped by either threading or waxing.
(iv never had them threaded my little sister has and they looked amazing)
And that's it
🍁🍃🍂 so the autumn weather is coming in and it's my favourite season cozy jumpers and thick clothing.
I thought I'd pop a picture in of my snack I had yesterday. Yes it was yummy

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