Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Skin type's dehydrated and mature

Finally ... I feel as though iv been missing this little part of my blog so I'll get down to it.
Firstly dehydrated,
TIP: to see if your skin is dehydrated squeeze your skin on your face around the cheek area and look for fine lines, this is a sure sign your dehydrated. Iv got a drink for you once this is over with.
Causes: lack of moisture (water) or the incorrect products or harsh products and alkaline soaps.
Characteristics: very fine lines mainly around the eye and jaw area, your skin absorbs creames rapidly. Your face feels tight.
Colour: your skin will just appear normal
Texture: dry, flaky patches.
Cleansers: cleansing lotion this will help remove debris and dead skin cells.
Exfoliator: a simple exfoliant remember white clay.
Toner: freshener/bracer look for soothing agents.
Mostirisers: creams and night creams, a cream is thicker and will last longer on the skin, and using a night cream will help keep your skin plump and hydrated.
Next we are onto mature, now your skin is classed as mature at 25 so taking extra care and time will not only benefit you now but also in the long run.
Causes: collagen depilation and a reduction in cellular metabolism, the menopause as their is a reduction in oestrogen, the post menapause, loss of elasticity and changes in the skins ability to retain moisture. And collagen less resilient.
Characteristics: around the age of 25 you will see lines, crepey, papery appearance finer skin around the jaw. Also a loss of elasticity in the skin and in the tone of muscles.
Colour: dull and lifeless, lack of colour or excess of colour
Texture: thickened skin.
Cleansers: a cleansing cream will be fine as this is a thicket product and will help keep moisture locked in the skin.
Exfoliant: a simple exfoliant with white clay and a peeling cream with clay ingredients.
Toners: freshener/bracer
Mostirisers: creams and night creams
I do hope this helps and we have made it to the last skin type session.
I think next Im going to explain what cleansers and toners and all that jazz are.
Thank you delicate things <3

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