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What are your basic skin care routine items ?

So i have been buzy ! For once, I have been creating a CV and cover letter for a job I am applying for, lush has been one of my all time favourite skin and hair shops ever besides it being a completely natural shop, against animal testing and reducing their carbon foot print what is there not to love ? Lush where I live has the most amazing staff on hand and they are so kind and just to be able to get a Christmas job with them would woo my heart...anyway
-cough- yes let's beging
Cleansers ? What are they and what are their purpose ?
A cleanser can come in many forms from cleansing lotions to be taken off with a pad to a face wash to be removed with water, a cleanser is something which removes the first layer of dirt and pollution from your face, they are a mixture of lotions, milks, waters, creams, Soapless cleansers and a one you may not of heard of a completion or cleansing bar. A cleansers purpose is-
Removing dead skin cells
Surface pollution dirt and grime from everyday life
Excess natural secretions this is sebum and perspiration
Stale makeup (guilty).
When using a cleansers they should be easy to use, economical (if you like that way) and have a pleasant feeling on the skin, also when reading the back of your cleanser make sure you understand the words.
Ingredients typically found in cleansers, water, olive oil, stearic acid, glycerol, chloroxylenol this is an antibacterial agent.
Eye makeup removers are quite simple and easy to use what they are is a lotion, water, cream they remove specifically eye makeup, make sure they contain oil as this helps break down and dissolve eye make up and some waterproof mascaras.
Exfoliants an exfoliant is an enhanced deep cleanser with small partials to help remove stubborn dirt, they improve the texture and appearance of your skin, and help to peel off the first layer of skin, the purpose of an exfoliant is like I said to deep cleanse and to remove dirt.
Toners, toners are a liquid form which can be applied directly to the face or a cotton pad, or sprayed onto the face, there purpose is to remove traces of cleansers, restore the PH balance of the skin
And to freshen the skin.
Moisturisers, a mostiriser is a protective barrier against your skin and the outside world it also help mostirise and keep the skin supple, a mostirisers purpose is to protect the skin like I said, to replace, hold and attract moisture to the skin
To even out the skin texture
To provide a smooth base for makeup, it acts as a barrier between the make up and the skin
Some newer mostirisers contain natural moisturising factors (jojoba) which mimic the complex substances of the skin cells and also contain sunscreens
Typical ingredients, liquid paraffin oil, castor oil, almond oil, stearic acid, carnuba wax, triethyl amine, collagen, elastin, water and glycerol.
Fact, the first part on your body to show signs of ageing is your neck so using an extra product to help keep the skin on your neck healthy and supple use a neck cream look for a neck cream with a firming agent.
Specialised products skin care with active ingredients such as essential oils.

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