Monday, 24 September 2012

Jon interview

So want to know what you should be doing at a job interview ? Here's a few quick tips and answers you need for an ultimate success.
Step one, applying for a company ? Research is vital, doing your homework and researching the company will show dedication.
Step two, dress properly. Now for a women a tailored shirt or fitted shirt would be appropriate in either light colours or blocks. Fitted trousers tailored so they don't drag, and if wearing a skirt aim for the knee. Men a shirt, white or black with a tight jumper and tailored trousers.
Step three, time, don't be late, this will show a lack of interest arriving between 15 to 5 minutes early.
Step four, be prepared, search mostly Likely questions asked during an interview and practice.
Step five, Smile and greet you interviewer by their last name with a firm none sweaty hand shake *Top Tip* spraying your hand with deodorant before your interview will keep it crisp and sweat free.
Step six, when asked about past employers do not talk negatively, explain to them your time there and what you learnt.
Step seven, remember stay focused don't over talk, answer questions directly and clearly.
Step eight, posture, sitting straight, shoulders back, back straight and abdominal muscled clenched slightly to support your back.
Remember we all mess up, make mistakes. It's a hit and miss just keep going keep smiling :)
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