Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Basic face Reading

Here's a post on helping you to understand the congestion or blemishes on your skin and relating them to a organ or system in the body.
Skin congestion/blemishes
Forehead- digestion, stress.
Bridge of nose- liver.
Chin- intestine toxic build up.
Groves of chin- cramped small intestine.
Sides of temples- related to nerves.
By ears- back teeth, sinus, upper gums.
Along mandible (jaw)- lower teeth.
Under jaw kind and bellow ears- lower teeth, glands, throat and stress.
Clear- good health.
Yellowy whites- liver.
Dull, lifeless, enlarged pupils- tired? Run down, poor general health.
Sunken cheeks
Relates to lungs- smoking, trauma, and or grief.
Eye area
Look of smudged mascara under eyes- tired blood.
Puffiness under eyes- poor excretion, kidney stress.
Bridge of nose
Dry patches on bridge of nose- problem with catarrh, sinuses, asthma.
Base of nose and mouth
Pink skin around base of Bose and or sides of mouth- deficiency in vitamin A, D, C, B groups.

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