Thursday, 20 September 2012

Taking care of your hair

So here we are falling into a new season, with harsh weather about and the change in climate our hair is sure to suffer so here is a few simple tips on taking care of your hair.
Towel vs cotton shirt, for the last about 5 months i have been using an old tshirt to rap around my hair, the reason I started doing this was towels absorb a lot of the hydration and moisture from your hair leaving you with that dry feeling, a t shirt leaves your hair with plenty of moisture and you can feel the benefits right away.
To brush or not to brush ?, when your hair is wet it is more Likely to split and snap so adding a hair protector and running your fingers gently through it will reduce splitting.
Platting and braiding every time I step out of the shower I plat my hair into pig tails the reason is yet again to stop and reduce splitting, do this every night as well to reduce splitting hair.
With our a paddle and comb ? Now if your needing to brush your hair after a shower or in general try using a paddle brush as this helps to reduce stretching the hair and snapping it, it's also a great detangler and covers a wider length of hair, a comb is great as it has very spacious gaps that greatly reduce the amount of brakeage in the hair.
Satin and silk, sleeping with a satin or silk pillow helps prevent hair from tangling too much in your sleep and also helps reduce snapping and breakage.
The 6 month itch ? Now I know many girls and guy have the ends of their hair trimed every 4 weeks, and then they complain as they are trying to grow their hair. News flash it takes an average 4 weeks for your hair to grow 1 or 2 inches so deciding on leaving the hair trimming for about 6 months will show more signs of growth.
I hope this helps on preserving your hair for longer and keeping it healthy and happy remember to cleanse, deep mostirise and hear protect your hair in any weather.
Lots of love delicate things <3

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