Sunday, 23 September 2012

Getting over heart break ?

So today's post I decided to do something that once in a while can happen. We can afflict it or they can. Yes heartbreak, heartbreak that feeling as if something inside you is ripping in half, when your heart stops for a beat, that feeling when the tears just won't stop.
I have decided to do this post because I know so many people who suffer day in and day out in silence crying into their pillow.
So let's get started.
Why does heart break accrue ?
Well heartbreak accrues when a person you have a strong emotional bond with decides they don't want you anymore or that its just not right anymore. We all go thought this "you can love someone and not want to spend time with them" it's a quote I swear by and still do it really did apply a number of times in my relationship now I want to tell you something, my relationship is not all love, sweet moments amazing sex no. For me it's paranoia filled, regret, knowing we are not going any where and lots of other things. For me my down side in my relationship is the passion it went a long time ago you see I am A sexual and struggle with a lot of the "sex" moments I normally (shoot me) lay on my back and take it.
Now I'm sharing this as a number of men and women suffer as well and it's horrible. Now that can be a major moment to heart break.
Dealing with heart break.
Sometimes one person won't want it to end, and the other will. Now it will always be this way, some people come to a civil agreement but on the inside there could be turmoil.
Step one, get out. If its not working it's not working end of so many people will try and try again never realising, If its over it's other don't keep going back for the other person. They will come to see you as a position one they can walk all over.
Step two, talk it out. You see your best friend she's there he's there. They are there they will never leave you they will help you. Do not suffer in silence share your pain your decisions, let them help.
Step three, do not drown your sorrows. We are all human and inflicting damage and alcohol into your body during a state like that will not end well.
Step four, self harm. Iv done this, I was in a dark place. Let's not diverse not at any time should you cut your self, slap, or beat. Your a strong person if you have the urge tell someone confide in them.
Step 5, shopping. Now this is something that will keep your mind occupied you can hang around with friends catch up listen to them, talk to then its a time you have been missing.
Step 6, new hair, new colour. Time for a change want to get ride of a phase in your life you would rather forget get a new hair cut, manicure, pedicure treat your self.
Step 7, cut communication, delete there number, get rid of them on Facebook. Doing these things will help you to get focused instead of pleading messages when they realised a mistake. We need clarity and with that comes sacrifice. Let them heal, let you heal, seeing them facebooking with others, drinking, partying wont help them. Won't help you.
Step 8, time. Now with time comes healing and time does not heal all wounds but it makes them lesser so remember, with each tick of the clock you have a moment, a new moment a chance to change though that would will be there for sometime confiding in others and letting time work it's spell will help.
We all love and loose, some greater some it's just a moment but getting lost along the way to an emotion so powerful so amazing is a chance others may never experience. It's a unique moment that will be cherished could be cherished. If fate wants you back together then maybe a year down the line you might bump into each other. But giving your self time, will always help.
I hope this helped <3 happy Mabon 🍁🍂🍃

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