Sunday, 2 September 2012

I missed a day ! Skin type sensative

Hello again delicate things, I went at for a lovely meal yesterday with the college girls, it was lovely we went to this little Italian restiraunt under the guild hall museum in Carlisle, 3 course meal. Lush. Anyway I diverse.
Sensative skin.
Cause: some reasons for sensative skin here we go, the use of incorrect skin care products, you can inherit sensative skin believe it or not, and you could actually be sensative to product ingredients and an allergic reaction !
Characteristics: you can become flushed easily, burns easily in the sun (sunscreen) rapid change in colour when exposed to temperature change, you age prematurely, your often dry and dehydrated.
Colour: prone to blemishes, you have a ruddy or rosy appearance.
Texture: you may have coarse textured skin, or delicate and fine. 
Cleansers: cleansing water and cleansing lotion
Exfoliants: a simple exfoliant with the ingredient white clay. It has a natural enzyme action and acts as a mask as well. 
Toner: fresher/bracer, light and gentle, no Alchol chamomile ingredients. 
Mostirisers: lotions, such as pure and simple or, anything with no words you can 
not pronounce. 
I hope this helps and gives you information that can be interpreted and understood clearly. 
Have a lovely day. 

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