Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Skin type: dry

Dry skin: their is always reasons behind why you might have dry skin but here's the main reasons
You may have an insufficient oil secretion. How old you are, after 25 years old your skin is classed as mature, and with this comes a decrease in sebum, dryness can be caused by excess exposure to ultra violet rays (sunscreen is your best friend) a hormonal imbalance, skin care neglect, sometimes we are just too tired or lazy. Smoking, air conditioning, your diet and illness.
Right let's get down to it
Texture: fine, coarse, visible dry patches.
Colour: dull and prone to dilated capillaries. Uneven pigmentation.
Characteristic: very Matt skin, flakey patches, very vascular, small tight pores no prominent pores, and warm to the touch.
Cleansers for your skin type:
Cleansing water, this is a liquid cleanser, cleansing lotion this has a texture of cream, cleansing cream this is thicker.
Eye makeup remover, milk, lotion or cream are fine for you.
Exfoliants, I believe because we dry skin types suffer with tighter pores and pigmentation a good exfoliant to use is facial scrubs and pore grains, work it gently into the skin, avoiding delicate areas (eyes and mouth) look for the ingredients of oatmeal, salt, nut kernels silicon or synthetic grains.
With dry skin you want a toner that's under freshened and braver these usually have no alcohol, and are very light and gentle.
Creams, this is a thick product, it may need to be liquefied by warming the product on the fingers, it should have a higher oil content 15 - 30%
And night creams, these are very rich and applied nightly will keep your face highly moisturised till morning, texture of clotted cream, look for moisturisers. with castor oil, almond oil, carnuba wax, collagen and water. But I recommend jojoba as this mimics the sebum produced by the skin.

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